Where and when do you teach Karate?

We teach Shotokan Karate at Oxted School in the Gym Hall (next to the Sports Hall) every Wednesday from 7-8:30 pm.


What ages can attend?

From 4+ years and adults. Parents are welcome to train with their children.


What levels can attend?

Beginners and advanced. Although this class focuses on basics and foundations.


Can I try first?

Yes. You can contact us to book a free initial session.


How much do you charge?

First session is free, then £8 per session/person. Lessons are 1h30min.


Do you take holidays?

No. Classes run through school holidays and bank holidays. Unless your Sensei gives different instructions, classes take place as planned. Oxted School will be open for us. Join the dedicated facebook group to keep up to date.


Do I need a uniform from the beginning?

No, you should spend money on a uniform after you see if you enjoy the classes. If you don’t have a Gi come in loose clothes, long track suit bottoms and tshirt.


When is the first grading?

3-6 months after registration and only if you are consistent with training. Your Sensei will decide when you are ready to grade.


How often can I grade?

Every 3-6 months.


I have a uniform, can I use it?



I have a belt in other Martial Art, can I use it?

Contact with more information




How is Shotokan Karate different from other types of Karate styles?

Shotokan Karate is the foundations upon which most of the other Karate styles are based on. This doesn’t mean it’s the best, however it’s closer to the traditional, original Karate founded by Master Gichin Funakoshi.


How is Shotokan Karate different from Taekwondo? 

The greatest different between Shotokan Kataye and Taekwondo is that while Taekwondo is probably 80% kicks, Shotokan Karate aims for 50% kicks and 50% upper body. We aim for more balance.


Is Shotokan Karate the best Martial Arts style?

No. No style is bullet proof. Also, a Martial Art is as good as those who practice it. The more you train the more effective your style will be. However, there is no best Martial Art. Each of them has their strengths and weaknesses.


How do I choose the best Martial Art style for me?

Back in 1995, when I first saw a group of Shotokan Karate practioners I wanted to be, look and feel like them. Try classes, dedicate your time and focus and you will know if it’s the thing for you.


Is Shotokan Karate dangerous?

Every Martial Art comes with a degree of risk. Karate Shotokan is a semi-contact Martial Arts. That means we build a lot of control. When you reach higher grades and if you ever compete, there is more contact, however it is not full contact like Kickboxing or Boxing. It is not chess either, you will get a few bruises.


What can Shotokan Karate do for me?

Please read one of my articles published in Oxted County Border News newspaper on the topic. Why youngsters should take up Martial Arts




What grade are you?

Sandan, 3rd Dan, Black Belt.


Are you actively training?

Yes. I am actively training and competing for SKCE – Shotokan Karate Centres England, representing England at International Level.


How long have you been practicing Shotokan Karate for?

Since 1995, at 8 years old.


Have you practiced other Martial Arts as well?

Yes. Daito Ryu (ancestor of Aikido), Ninjutsu and Qi Gong. Not at the high level I practiced Shotokan Karate.


Are you insured?

Yes. Through Insure4Sport


Are you CRB Checked?



Do you have a First Aid Qualification?



What other qualifications do you have?

Other qualifications include but are not limited to:

Level 4 Low Back Pain management and prevention (April 2016)

Level 3 Personal Training

Level 3 Exercise Referral (working with GPs to support patients’ recovery)

See more qualifications on LinkedIn


Can these qualifications be checked?

Yes. Contact me for more information.


Is Karate the only thing you do?

No. I am the Founder and Head Coach of The Merisoiu Technique – Institute Of Health And Human Movement . I work on a Personal Training, Group Coaching or Online Coaching basis with clients, showing them how to master body movement.

I specialize in Low Back Pain Management And Prevents so many of my clients work with me to regain control over their physical health and get back to a life without pain.


Do you have any other questions? Contact me and I will answer within 2 business days.